6 Tips for Better Sleep Posture

Sleep posture is one of the key elements to restful sleep. To ensure a good night's sleep, follow these 6 tips tonight:


1. Find the Right Mattress

Choosing the right mattress that addresses your health and sleeping needs is very important. Our wide selection of mattresses allows for a personal customization for single and double beds.

Our German mattress design and technology provides proper spinal alignment and support. Axel Bloom mattresses have air channels of different profiles which provide a custom suspension system and wick away perspiration. They keep the core structure aerated for a cool sleep and reduce accumulation of dust particles and dust mites. Surface grooves on the surface of the foam core and the shapes of the air channels support the body curvature for optimal spinal position and shoulder position.

Browse our selection of mattresses here and find out which model fits you best!

2. Neutral Neck

Keeping your neck at a neutral position is another key feature to getting a restful sleep. Sleeping on an ergonomic pillow gives you the best support and helps to align your neck with the rest of your spine. this could help if you are waking up with an aching neck or head, or simply without energy.

Our AFX Ergo Pillow is made from pressure-relieving soft visco-elastic memory foam. Our pillow comes with 2 height options on each side, allowing for a more customizable sleep experience. In addition, the highly-elastic double fabric TENCEL® quality pillow covers display the exclusive design and innovative knitting technique that make the appearance and superior characteristics of the pillows stand out. The covers are unquilted to bring out the most of the contoured adjustment.

3. Lift Your Knees

Your lower back may not hurt enough to wake you up, but mild pain can disturb the deep, restful stages of sleep. Whether you sleep on your back or side, raising your knees helps with relieving back stress and better hip alignment. 

Our adjustable beds are the easiest and most comfortable solution to better sleep posture. With models ranging from 2-, 3- and 4-motors, our unique bed technology consists of different components, configurations and variations to give you the most restful position. In addition, with memory position options on various models, you won't need to worry about finding your favorite position again!

4. Avoid Heavy Meals and Caffeine Before Bed 

Drinking caffeinated drinks later in the day and eating heavier meals before bed could result in a restless sleep and your body to toss and turn throughout the night. Caffeinated drinks have a half-life of five hours (that is to say the caffeine stays in your body for 10 hours!), so it is recommended that you have your last cup of coffee earlier in the afternoon (as hard as that is!).

As for heavier meals before bedtime, eating sugary foods or foods especially high in protein could cause your blood pressure to spike up and for your body to have a hard time digesting the food. So, if you have to eat something late at night, opt for lighter meals such as yogurt. 

5. Combat snoring

Surprisingly, snoring could be a major cause to a restless sleep for both partners! Whether you are the one snoring (meaning your body is not aligned properly), or you are the one listening to it, snoring could disrupt restful sleep and cause daytime sleepiness. Sleeping on your side or with a slightly raised upper body could help fix the issue. Our adjustable beds helps ease your body position to not only properly align it, but to help prevent those loud or restless nights! Our models have different angle adjustments that when raised even a little could have a huge impact on your and your loved one's sleep! See which model makes sense for you here.

6. Get checked for Sleep Apnea 

If you are snoring, it could be a sign of Sleep Apnea, a potentially harmful condition in which people stop breathing for brief periods of time. Avoiding alcohol, cigarettes and losing weight could help keep an interrupted airway pressure channel. 

Since a large amount of our clients have Sleep Apnea, our adjustable beds are a wonderful solution to better breathing during the night. Our adjustable beds along with our mattresses are specifically designed to promote the most comfortable, supportive, and restful sleep. Slightly raising the upper and lower body for your night's sleep helps with better body alignment, back stress relief, and ease of continuous breathing. Read what our clients, who have sleeping conditions, have to say about their Axel Bloom sleep system on our Testimonials page.