Meet Us

Axel Bloom ergonomic sleep systems are the most advanced German technology for the most luxurious sleep. They are designed to provide excellent back, shoulder and neck support using hypoallergenic foam mattress and micro-spring technologies and adjustable slat suspension systems. Our sleep systems are designed and manufactured by the largest Austrian bed system manufacturer which has been in business for 55 years. 

Axel Bloom is a complete bed specialist which means we have both standard bed systems and also make custom beds. We have a broad range of models: seven mattress families, four types of slat suspension systems and 20 contemporary all-wood and fabric bed frames. Besides standard American and European sizes, any one of them can be custom made for custom bed frames or to fit antique beds. All the slat suspension systems have optional electrical adjustable head, shoulder and leg controls with programmable functions for optimal back support and convenient positions to read, watch TV or admire the ocean view. 

We have the most advanced mattress and bed support design and manufacturing technology. These systems are made in modern factories in Austria by people with a passion for precision and design. Finally, our most important objective is to fulfill the customer's most important expectation - a wonderful, restful sleep!

For customers who cannot visit us, please feel free to call us since we ship to the 48 States.


Axel is a Scandinavian and German given name. 
It is a Scandinavian form of Absalom, meaning "Father of peace"