Green Quality

European Quality Materials and Processes

When you purchase an Axel Bloom Bed System, you rest well knowing that your bed has been made using the highest manufacturing standards.

Our manufacturer and suppliers have been certified by many of the most re- spected European quality standards authorities, and have met stringent requirements for environmental safety. The materials we use are selected because of their superior performance for sleep. Healthy sleep is achieved through stressless body support and constant airflow for body temperature comfort. In addition, moisture wick- ing materials foster a clean, hygienic environment to minimize odors, and prevent dust mites and bacterial growth.

The following list of materials and quality standards are representative of Axel Bloom’s commitment to the latest advanced technologies for our products.

Medically Tested Label
Products with this logo have been rigorously tested to the highest standards of modern chemical analysis and guaranteed to be biocompatible. This means that the product contains no skin irritants or prohibited pollutants, and in no way causes damage to body or health. The basis of this demanding test is the toughest known skin-tolerance standard, originally developed as a method of testing medical devices.

Oeko-Tex Standard 100
Oeko-Tex Standard 100 is a globally uniform ecological safety test for textile products, performed by independent labs around the world. This scientific safety evaluation provides an objective analysis of pollutants of concern to human health and provides scientifically based upper bound values. Only textiles which meet strict safety standards receive the “Confidence in Textiles” seal of quality.

LGA QualiTest GS Safety Test 

The LGA GS (Geprüfte Sicherheit - Safety Tested) seal is found on safety certified products that are periodically monitored by the independent company LGA Qualitest GmbH. LGA monitors our products and facilities for ergonomic design, quality control, environmental protection, industrial safety management systems, strict pollution/contaminate controls, and service friendliness.

Austria Quality Label

The Austria Quality Seal is a distinctive mark that is only awarded to Austrian companies which undergo continuous quality monitoring of their products and services, guaranteeing local quality. Quality Austria is the leading Austrian certification and evaluation partner in the fields of quality, environmental and safety management according to standards that are most important worldwide.

CertiPUR® Foam Standard

CertiPUR® is a voluntary standard to advance the safety, health and environmental (SHE) performance of flexible polyurethane foams used in bedding and upholstered furniture. Manufacturers who comply with CertiPUR®’s far-ranging, but clear and objective SHE standards are prohibited from the use of certain substances in the manufacture of foam, taking into account existing standards and scientific stud- ies. Compliance is subject to audit by an independent laboratory and satisfactory results of random spot checks.

EIM Ergo-Test

Products with the EIM Ergo-Test label are the result of close cooperation with the “Ergonomics Institute Munich,” which studies the biomechanical needs of beds using scientific testing methods. The most important discovery of ergonomic research at the Institute has been to distinguish the ideal point-bending elasticity and combined elastic properties for proper reclining support in all body zones. These elastic properties allow for the optimal cradling of the spine and relief of the pressure points. The EIM Ergo-Test label gives you the security of knowing that your mattress is designed for ergonomically correct comfort.
Tencel Mattress and Pillow Covers

Tencel is a high-tech silky nano-fiber made from natural renewable wood pulp, made using a particularly environmentally friendly manufacturing process. Tencel is skin-friendly, breathable and easy to maintain, has a high strength and is thus espe- cially suitable for mattress and pillow covers. Tencel wicks away moisture from the skin and transports it rapidly to the surface to evaporate. To read more about the unique characteristics of Tencel, go to

Medicott Mattress Covers

This is an environmentally friendly finishing process for cotton fabrics to prevent the formation of unhealthy mold fungus even with continuous humidity. This process is a chemical-free way to continuously disrupt the food chain of the common dust mite, preventing a suitable habitat for this organism. Medicott is ecologically safe and corresponds to Oeko-Tex Standard 100. Regular fabric maintenance and washing does not diminish the hygienic qualities of Medicott fabric. 

Latex Mattresses

Our mattresses contain an optimized mix of natural latex and synthetic latex, for a durable, stable and comfortable sleeping environment. Natural latex is made from the sap of the rubber tree Hevea brasiliensis. The high point-elasticity of natural latex makes it very suitable for making mattresses with good body adjustment and excel- lent reclining comfort. Synthetic latex increases the longevity and comfort of the mattress. Latex is antibacterial, breathable and absolutely hygienic.

Kaltschaum - Cold Foam Mattresses 

Cold Foam (Kaltschaum) has an irregular cell structure that exhibits inherent high elasticity and good air circulation, making it an ideal material for a comfortable, re- silient mattress. The antibacterial and hypo allergenic Kaltschaum allows unimped- ed air circulation. The cell walls of the foam are opened by crushing rollers, resulting in a porous, flexible nuclear structure with high air permeability. This material acts as a natural fire barrier without the use of noxious chemicals. Pure water vapor is used as the propellant for manufacture and the mattress is therefore odorless. Using CFC- free production creates environmentally safe foam that can be recycled.

Berlin Hybrid Mattresses with Individual Pocket Springs

In the Berlin hybrid mattress, technology and advanced foam are integrated to make a robust yet yielding and breathable structure. It is our most complicated and thickest mattress, and was designed for the German market. In the center of the mattress, individual cylinder springs are inserted into small cloth pouches and sewn at their contact points. By eliminating contact between individual springs, even the slightest noise is eliminated. The point elastic suspension allows each spring to flex independently and perfectly adapt to individual body shape, providing a high level of comfort and support. The spring core is surrounded by a high-quality, ridged cold foam pad with cool, high-airflow properties to guarantee a perfect sleeping climate.  

Mattresses with EMC Foam

EMC, or Ergonomics Mit (with) Comfort, is one of the highest quality products using the Cold Foam process. It combines the advantages of all known sleeping materials in the most ideal way to provide a perfect sleep experience. The high point-elas- ticity of EMC supports and relieves the spinal column, and the excellent suspension characteristics guarantee custom pressure relief in any sleeping position. Owing to the porous cell structure with high air permeability, EMC promotes a breathable sleeping environment with excellent moisture and thermal regulation. EMC is produced using pure water vapor rather than CFCs, and is therefore odorless and more environmentally sound. The material is subject to specific quality controls, is antibac- terial, washable, and can be disinfected. The special advantage: the high density of EMC foam prevents premature wear and guarantees a long usable life. EMC is recyclable.

Mattresses with Visco Foam

Originally designed for use in the U.S. space program, Visco Foam has proven to be well suited for medical applications as well as mattress and pillow production. The visco elastic material reacts to body heat and pressure with an accurate body contour adjustment. This leads to significantly improved blood flow throughout the body, especially in the shoulders, back, hips and arms. Due to this excellent heat and moisture exchange, Visco foam reduces the need for frequent change of the reclining position and promotes restful sleep behavior.

Mattress Covers Infused with Aloe Vera
The medicinal plant Aloe Vera is a type of lily whose properties have been used for many years in cosmetic and medical applications. The regenerating effect of this plant is also effective in mattresses materials. Aloe Vera infused materials feel smooth and comfortable, and are hypo allergenic. This particularly benefits those with allergies and sensitive skin. Wellness fibers infused with Aloe Vera support the nocturnal regeneration of the skin, promote the production of young skin cells during sleep and make a valuable contribution to the revitalization of body and soul.

Trevira CS Bed Frame Fabrics

Flame retardant Trevira CS fabric has many advantages. It is easily cleaned, and in contrast to conventional flame resistant fabrics, neither maintenance nor aging affects it’s safety. This is possible because instead of noxious flame retardant chemi- cals, Trevira CS has a comonomer firmly anchored in the molecular structure of the fabric which prevents fire. International tests have proven that Trevira CS does not trigger allergies or skin sensitivity. This material is in compliance with the certification according to the international safety test, Oeko-Tex Standard 100. Trevor CS is durable and dimensionally stable. It repels wrinkles and has exceptionally good moisture transport and breathability properties.

Bed Frame Fabrics by Backhausen

Since 1849, the Austrian textile company Backhausen has been producing exquisite fabrics that can be found in places of renown around the world. Backhausen was a founder and supplier of the forward thinking Wiener Werkstätte movement in the early 1900s, and continues to be on the cutting edge of the textile industry today. Their innovative Trevira CS fabric adorns several of our bed frames.