Axel Bloom Bed System: Prevost XL2

Mattress: Split King / DW 800 Mattress

Adjustable Bed: Uberflex MX3 - Three Motor System

 RV Model: Prevost XL2


Axel Bloom Bed System: Landmark 365

Mattress: Matterhorn DualFirm

Adjustable Bed: Short King Size Silverstar MX2; Short King Size Quattroflex MX2 (36" x 79" - Custom RV Dimensions)

 RV Model: Landmark 365


   Here are a few photos of our RV bed platform prior to bringing the new beds in.
Note that I made a few changes:

1. I adjusted the position of the night stand tops so that they would not overhang to beds and impede their articulation.

2. I replaced the bed platform wood to be sure the adjustable bed side rails were fully supported. The OEM used a queen sized platform then used a king mattress with a heavy steel wire sewn into the piping all our the perimeter of the bottom of the mattress. The wire provided support even though the mattress overhung the platform.

3. Note the photo showing the platform opened on its hinge. There is a compartment behind the drawers which would be sacrificed if that platform cannot be opened via the hinge. I cut openings at each side of the compartment so that small, flexible items can still be stored thereby not sacrificing the space in its entirety.

4. I replaced the hydraulic lift arms with heavier capacity arms in the event that the space under the bed absolutely had to be accessed and bed and bedding had to be lifted. With the new beds in place, it's very difficult but can likely be done by two people.


Tiffin Phaeton RV

October 22, 2015

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Axel Bloom Bed System: Tiffin Phaeton

Mattress: Matterhorn DualFirm (34" x 79" - Custom RV dimensions)

Adjustable Bed: Quattroflex MX2 (35.5" x 79" - Custom RV dimensions)

RV Model: Tiffin Phaeton


Axel Bloom Bed System: Gulf Stream Montaj Luxury Coach

Mattress: DW 200 Split Queen

Adjustable Bed: Short Queen Size Quattroflex MX2 (30" x 75" - Custom RV Dimensions)

 RV Model: Gulf Stream Montaj Luxury Coach