Uberflex MX4

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Uberflex MX4 from Axel Bloom on Vimeo.

The "8-Wheel Drive" Adjustable System

The Uberflex MX4 has eight motors for a king or queen bed. It is the most advanced hybrid suspension with the most extreme height for the foot section (see video).Available in all Custom Sizes and in half-King, half-Queen and short King and Queen sizes.

This system has 7 movable sections. Three sections are to optimize comfort in the head, shoulder, and back. Four sections are to lift the thigh, knee, and foot regions. For each half king or half queen suspension, there are four motors which control the 7 movable sections. One motor adjusts the head lifting position. The second motor adjusts the shoulder and back. The third motor controls the thigh and knee. The final fourth motor lowers and raises the feet.

There are two types of suspension: Whereas a typical adjustable bed merely has flat wood sections which are raised and lowered, we have a hybrid suspension system that creates a large "Sweet Spot" of Comfort consisting of pods and slats.


Rotating Uberflex pods

    •In the back region, Uberflex pods can be adjusted to provide three levels of firmness. You can rotate the red rings of each pod to change the firmness levels. You can also swap the softer gold pod suspensions for the firmer grey suspensions to pinpoint areas of the body where you desire firmer or softer pods. In short, you have the ability to make minor and major changes to the firmness of the suspension.

Flexible slats

    •The head, shoulder and leg regions have slats which flex to contour to the different regions of your upper and lower body so your spinal cord is aligned for comfort. Over 30 slats are slotted into rubberized holsters which flex as your body rests and moves - no different than the behavior of a car suspension that smooth out the bumps and potholes for a comfortable ride.

The Überflex pods are the ultimate in flexible support. The flat supporting surface is segmented into four parts for more custom flexibility. Instead of inserting the red firmness adjuster, there is a red bezel integrated with each pod that can be rotated in three positions to change the firmness settings to soft to normal and firm.


Across the shoulder and back regions, Uberflex pods can be adjusted to provide three levels of firmness. In addition, the location of each pod can be exchanged so you can swap a firm pod for a soft pod and so on. There are more than 24 pods in a King bed so you have the ultimate ability to customize your sleep comfort as your body evolves over time.

  1. 20 degree lateral tilt in all directions
  2. Three firmness settings per pod, with two types of pod suspensions, for a total of 6 settings
  3. Adjust firmness by rotating red bezel from level I (soft), to level II (medium firm), to level III (firm)
  4. Choice of soft or firm pods which, in combination with the red bezel, offer Six levels of firmness settings
  5. No additional inserts needed
  6. Mosy flexible pod design




Each Uberflex MX4 suspension has a cable remote controller (see above) or an optional wireless remote controller (see above). The wireless controller has an LED screen with graphic images to guide the user to adjust positions, memorize two settings, turn on a remote light, and set the time.

**PLEASE NOTE: Available in King and Queen sizes as Two Separate adjustable suspensions so each half suspension functions independently from the other half. ALSO available as a King or Queen system with two half- King or Queen sections that are synchronized to move together.

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