Ideal RV Adjustable Bed, Only 5 inch with Motor and Flat!

Superior Comfort and Practical Technology of Leading German RV Custom Adjustable Beds

All our adjustable bed systems have unique platform-lifting ability and flexible 3D Suspensions that can be customized for individual comfort settings.

We are the only adjustable bed where you can continue to lift your platform for storage access. We can make the bed bend where your hinge is located.

If you lift the platform for storage access, we can modify the external frame by cutting the back of the frame by the length of the distance from your headboard to the hinge.
Here is a link to a document that explains this feature:


Like a car suspension, you can change the settings for each suspension in 3D Dimensions. The effect is similar to driving a Luxury Sportscar! Your body enjoys superior support in multiple dimensions.

Dimension One: Varying the firmness of the slats and or pods by moving the locations of the firmness adjusters from softer to firmer and lateral support.

Dimension Two: Varying the distribution of the double slats and pods to pinpoint the lumbar regions for their support

Dimension Three: Adding more double slats or softer or firmer pods to respect the pain zones of the body, the length of the torso and the sleeping position of the body.

The sum effect is a unique, personal suspension that is designed to alleviate pain and provide superior comfort by offering multiple support technologies using 2, 4 or 8 motor systems.

Click on the images below to learn more about our bed frames and our RV installations.Our adjustable suspension systems with flexible slats and pods are uniquely designed to alleviate pain and provide superior comfort by offering multiple support technologies and 4 to 8 motor systems. 

All of the systems are suitable for addressing health conditions: GERD, acid reflux, back injury and for enjoying reading, writing and watching TV. The Doppelflex, Quattroflex, and Überflex systems are the only truly flat adjustable beds

Only 4-5 inches thick, they can be dropped on Platform Beds where there is an existing flat wooden base. All the motors are integrated into the sides of the adjustable frame so the adjustable frame can rest directly on the Platform Bed wooden base. They are IDEAL for RVs.