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The Dopplemat is a 5-layer 8 inch thick Medium-Firm mattress. The top layer is Comfy with a center, wavy core center that is Firm. It is designed to provide good back support and in firmness is between the firmer DW 200 mattress and the DW 800 comfy mattress. There are five layers of different foam layers to provide superior contouring of the spinal cord. There is air flow through holes of the wave core foam and as the body shifts, the air is pumped through the holes thus creating a self-ventilating cooling effect.

With the natural TENCEL® fiber quilted mattress cover that has superior wicking properties, the combination provides a cool and naturally-supportive sleep environment. The mattress is symmetrical and can be flipped over regularly.

When used with our adjustable or flat suspension, the body posture is further customized to align the spinal cord.

Further firmness adjustments to the suspension provide another dimension to increasing the sweet spot for custom comfort.

  • Advanced air stream design using open-porous cells to controls humidity and temperature, keeping sleep surface cool and dry.
  • Double-sided quilted cover with hollow fiber can be unzipped, removed, and washed or dry cleaned.
  • Both cover and core resist bacteria, mold, and dust mites.
  • Medium-firm, Resilient core ideal for comfortable and firmer back support.

10 Year Limited Warranty

Coldfoam core. Twin XL. Weight 65 lbs. Medium-firm.

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