European Mattresses

Axel Bloom: "One of 15 Mattress Brands Designers Swear By" - Architectural Digest Magazine

The European Mattress Core has a Unique Honey-Comb Structure for Back Support and Superior Comfort

  • Our European mattresses consist of a mattress core and a mattress cover.
  • The European mattress core conforms to the body to provide superior ergonomic support from complex honey-comb type structures which are cut into the cores.
  • These honey-comb cells are precision-cut to different sizes to flex differently from the head, to the shoulder (for shoulder sleepers) and back for optimum spinal cord alignment.
  • The cores are made of multi-layers of Kaltschaum (Coldfoam), Latex, or Hybrid compositions (micro-springs and foam structure).
  • Surrounding the cores are additional layers of foam or latex and the thick woven mattress cover which are all designed for Continuous Airflow.
  • A cool sleep, superior breathability and wicking away of moisture are achieved with air channels cut on the top and bottom layers of the mattress core.