Doppelflex MX2

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The Doppelflex MX2 is an adjustable system with 4 motors (2 on each side) with firmness adjustable slats for the back and lumbar areas. Available in all Custom Sizes and in half-King, half-Queen and short King and Queen sizes.

Unlike conventional adjustable beds, the adjustable sections flex like a sophisticated car suspension. A typical adjustable bed has flat sections that only raise up and down. In our model, there are 28 slats for each side that flex to your body contour to enhance alignment of your spine and improve comfort substantially. Every two slats are suspended by rubberized supports at the ends of each slat which flex to contour to your body shape. Six of the slats in the lumbar/back area can be firmed up or softened by moving 12 rubberized firmness adjusters. The higher number of slats allow a 30 percent increase in shaping to your body shape.

In this way, the adjustable suspension contributes up to 40 percent of the comfort and support that a bed provides and the mattress contributes the remaining 60 percent instead of 100 percent! You can have the same mattress on both sides but by customizing the firmness settings of the suspension, you can have a different sleep comfort experience. This is a unique feature of Axel Bloom adjustable beds.

In addition, we offer two types of adjustability for the back. Our standard is where the head section raises first, followed by the back. Side sleepers like this as they can gently raise only the head while leaving the shoulder aligned with the back. For back sleepers or people who experience GERD or acid reflux, we can make the back section only raise in one motion so their head is not tipped forward by the initial motion of the head section (followed by the back section). The cost is the same. The videos below show how the suspensions behave.

**PLEASE NOTE: Available in King and Queen sizes as TWO SEPARATE half-King(Twin XL) or half - Queen, adjustable suspensions so each half suspension functions independently from the other half. ALSO available so the two half suspensions work in sync as one King or Queen. Custom sizes also available. Call us!

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