Quattroflex KB20

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The Quattroflex mattress is our thickest,  inch most luxurious Premium Luxury model that is provides a robust, medium-firm support. It has the highest quality, EMC, Coldfoam (Kaltschaum) for the ideal support, durability and consistent firmness support. Multiple air holes of different shapes are cut into the multi-layer core to provide gentle forming shoulder support and a firmer support in the lumbar region. These differences are reinforced with different foam densities - softer in the shoulder, firmer in the back. It is designed so the head section, lumbar and foot sections match the adjustable sections of the Uberflex 3 and 4-motor adjustable beds.

- When the mattress is matched with our adjustable systems, they provide the body support which enhances thealignment of the spinal cord by reducing pressure zones.

- The air holes in the shoulder region are large to allow the shoulder to sink further into the mattress so that the spinal cord aligns horizontally. The air holes in the lumbar region, in contrast, are smaller to provide firmer support.

- Across the surfaces on the top and bottom, air channels are cut of varying shapes and width to facilitate air flow across as the body moves thus enabling Self-ventilation for a cool sleep.

- The mattress is symmetrical. You can sleep on both sides and flip the mattress regularly. The mattress is not heavy - around 80 pounds for a Twin XL size mattress.

-The zippered mattress cover is made using luxuriously soft TENCEL® natural fiber fabric woven from the Eucalyptus tree, that is hypoallergenic, highly breathable and heat and moisture regulating; suitable for people with allergies. The 1 inch, Hi-tech weave/cushion cover wicks away moisture, is very breathable and contours well for the shoulder and back. The cover can be unzipped, machine washed and dried.

  • Advanced air stream design using open-porous cells to controls humidity and temperature, keeping sleep surface cool and dry
  • Quilted cover with hollow fiber can be unzipped, removed, and washed or dry cleaned
  • Both cover and core resist bacteria, mold, and dust mites
  • Medium -firm, Resilient core
  • Made in Austria

10 Year Limited Warranty

8 inch multi-layered EMC cold foam/polyurethane foam core. The mattress cover – made from TENCEL® natural fiber woven from the Eucalyptus tree, has superior perspiration absorptive properties. The 1 inch, Hi-tech weave/cushion cover wicks away moisture, is very breathable and contours well for the shoulder and back.

Foam Density
Surface layer foam 35 kg per m3/2.9 kpa, core 45 kg per m3/3.6 kpa

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